What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are a traditional restoration that Dr. Adornetto uses to replace missing teeth. Although there are several different dental bridge types — such as a Maryland bridge, cantilever bridge, etc. — most of the ones we place are traditional designs made of porcelain because of optimal integrity and cosmetic appearance.

Dental Bridges vs. Implants

A dental bridge works well when there are healthy teeth on either side of the missing one. But bridges do require some alteration to those supporting teeth. If you qualify for an individual implant, the dental implant might be a less invasive solution for your smile.

Dr. Adornetto can use pairs of implants to support longer, multi-tooth dental bridges in areas where 3-4 teeth are missing. Bridges and implants can be used together for a successful outcome. 

How Much do Dental Bridges Cost?

When you ask, “How much are dental bridges?” the answer can be a little complex. Many of the factors that play into dental bridge costs have to do with the lab fees, prepping your supporting teeth, any adjunctive procedures, and your insurance coverage. Fortunately, our Greensboro dentist also provides an insurance alternative in addition to clear pricing. That way you know what to expect before ever scheduling the treatment to begin. 

Placing a dental bridge can limit additional costs in the future, such as correcting tooth movement and complications associated with tooth loss. And the better you care for your restoration, the less likely you are to experience dental bridge problems later on.

Greensboro Missing Tooth Treatments

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