Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an excellent way to jump-start your smile makeover or boost your smile’s appearance on its own. Thanks to this straightforward and affordable procedure, you can enjoy a brighter and more vibrant teeth in just a week or two.

Teeth Whitening at Dentist vs. Over the Counter

Initially, store-bought whitening kits seem cheaper and faster. But the truth is, they don’t work as well or offer the same even results that teeth whitening with a dentist does. 

With professional teeth whitening treatments, you have access to professional grade gel and a custom-fitted tray. That way you get stronger whitening power and even results across your smile. Plus, touch-ups are easy! In the end, professional whitening systems are actually more affordable and effective.

Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Enhancing your smile can give you the confidence to show off your teeth in social settings, posing for photographs, or when you need to make a great first impression at that next job interview. 

Dr. Adornetto may also recommend teeth whitening for crowns, bonding, or veneers (before they’re placed) so that the restoration can be made to match a brighter color. Those types of materials can’t be bleached at a later time.  Side note: you can also whiten while you’re wearing your Invisalign braces.

Teeth whitening is best for people who have healthy teeth and gums. Adults make the best candidates, as well as some older teens. 

If you tend to have sensitive teeth, the teeth whitening bleach can be adjusted to minimize irritation.

A White Smile is Just a Click Away

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