Fluoride Treatments for Adults & Children

Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the foods we eat, soil we farm in, and the water that we drink. Just like calcium, it’s essential to build strong bones and teeth. But fluoride — when used throughout your lifetime — can also lower your risk of tooth decay, sensitive teeth, and demineralization (“white spots”).

Combat Sensitivity and Cavities

Fluoride treatments at the dentist office are more concentrated than what you’ll find over the counter. When applied directly to your clean teeth, the dental fluoride treatment is better absorbed by the enamel. However, Dr. Adornetto may prescribe at-home fluoride gel if you’re wearing braces, have dental sensitivity, or are at a high risk for cavities.

Fluoride Treatment Cost

Investing in fluoride treatment for adults and children can statistically lower your dental care costs in the future.  Depending on the insurance plan you carry, fluoride treatment (dentist administered) may be covered close to 100%. But if you don’t have dental insurance, be sure to ask about our in-house Greensboro dental savings plan.

Fluoride Treatment Dos and Don’ts

It used to be that when you had a fluoride treatment, when to eat or drink was a big concern. Today’s fluoride varnishes allow you to go about your normal routine as soon as your appointment is complete. However, don’t brush your teeth for several hours.

The ADA recommends fluoride treatment at home with appropriate over-the-counter toothpastes and mouthwash. When it comes to fluoride treatment for toddlers, a rice-grain sized smear of fluoride toothpaste is appropriate. Older children and adults should use a pea-sized amount. Fluoride rinses are also a helpful supplement to use in conjunction with brushing and flossing. And yes, fluoride treatment during pregnancy is safe!

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