What is Preventive Dentistry?

Using a proactive and minimally-invasive approach to care, Dr. Adornetto incorporates resources to lower your risk of common dental diseases. With interceptive measures, you can keep your teeth healthy for life. Typically, we recommend:

Preventive Dental Hygiene Visits — Most dental problems are preventable and reversible, as long as you catch them early enough. By having your teeth cleaned routinely, you can enjoy a healthier smile and fresher breath.

Oral Cancer Exams — Certain viruses and a history of sun exposure can raise your chances of developing this deadly disease. Tobacco and alcohol use are also risk factors. Early screenings could save your life.

Preventative Dental Fillings/Sealants — Sealants help prevent tooth decay. But if you already have a cavity, getting a small filling placed as soon as possible can prevent the caries from spreading.

Fluoride Treatment — Combat tooth sensitivity and strengthen your enamel so that it’s more resistant to tooth decay. Fluoride can even reverse the early stages of tooth decay (enamel demineralization) if it’s caught early enough

Preventative Dentistry for the Entire Family

When properly cared for, your smile can last a lifetime. Preventative dental health services reduce your chances of tooth loss, gum disease, and decay. After all, your tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your entire body!

Feeling Nervous?

Dr. Adornetto understands that some people get anxious when it comes to seeing a dentist. We offer mild sedation dentistry options like nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help you relax. So, if you need something to take the edge off — even for routine preventative care — we’re happy to assist you!

When Was the Last Time You Saw a Dentist?

If it’s been six months or longer, call our Greensboro dentist today to schedule an appointment!